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Although we are located inside the D.-Georges L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre, Conceptia Clinic is a private clinic and is a non-profit organization.

There are costs associated with all visits and cycles of treatments which must be paid in advance. These costs cover the medical material used, services such as chart management, laboratory services, employee salaries, as well as the specialist physicians' fees for medical treatments.  You must also provide us with a valid Health Care card in order to receive any services.

We know that our services are very expensive but these prices are based on the highly specialized medical services offered, the daily operation of our Clinic, the staff, and for the state of the art technologies/equipment of our fertility laboratory.

Download our current Fee Schedule

Please also note that no medication costs are included in the clinics fees

The Clinic accepts these methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Interact, Cash and Cheque

Please note that a special government fund for infertility treatments is now available.