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Fertility services are rarely covered by typical health insurance. However, most insurance coverage for medication will do so, up to a certain point. It is very important to ask specific questions about the coverage of your fertility drugs to your insurance company.

1- Do they insure all fertility drugs?
2- Is the coverage at 100%, 80%....?
3- Is there a maximum coverage for fertility drugs?
4- Is this maximum per year? For a life time?

The cost for the fertility drugs used in the course of an IVF cycle can sometime cost as much (or even more) than the cost of the fertility services/treatments themselves if you don't have any coverage. In order for them to answer questions about specific drugs, you will need to provide them with the Drug Identification Number (DIN) number of each medication.

» Download a complete list of the DIN numbers of all fertility drugs that could be prescribed to you.

Please note that medications fees non covered by private insurance plan (or any other provincial program) can be added to your claim for the govenement special funding for infertility treatment.

The pharmacy of your choice

Conceptia`s nurses will send your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. However, we wish to inform you that many of our clients have had multiple problems with their prescriptions recently. The medications used for fertility treatments are not usually kept in stock so pharmacists have to order them. Unfortunately, if a pharmacy does not receive them or does not have your refill on the day that you need to start them, it can potentially affect the success of your cycle.

For your information, Jean Coutu pharmacy on St-George Street keeps, at all times, a big inventory of all fertility drugs. Whether you live in the Moncton area or not, you will have to come to the Clinic often for ultrasounds and blood tests during your cycle. So you have the choice of requesting for your prescriptions to be sent to this Jean Coutu or to the pharmacy of your choice for the duration of your treatment. For those who live outside of the Moncton area, it will be more convenient for you to have your refills of after-treatment care (and during pregnancy) at a pharmacy close to your home and this can easily be arranged.

Please keep the information of this Jean Coutu. If you have any kind of problems with your medications or with your prescriptions, you can call them or ask your pharmacy to do so. It will be their pleasure to assist you.


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